About us

Cutler & Co. have been designing quality menswear from Christchurch, New Zealand since 1987. Taking inspiration from European design and interpreting it for our own unique style, we have become renowned for our ability to seamlessly blend aesthetic, personality and longevity. 

Cutler & Co. not only creates, but also curates, from some of Europe's premier menswear brands that align with our core values. D'strezzed, No Excess, Pearly king and LTB provide the catalogue to compliment the Cutler range, providing the go-to Menswear eco-system.

We aren't about the huge faceless corporations. We are a family business - a tight knit, creative team who truly believe in what we do.

Proudly based in Christchurch, New Zealand since day one, we firmly identify with our kiwi heritage. Innovative and creative, our ability to adapt and remain agile has placed us amoung the best, and a household name in NZ menswear.

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