Keeping things fresh.


It may be the middle of winter, but we felt the urge for some spring cleaning. 
We have quietly been working behind the scenes to improve our web shop for you, our wonderful customers, and we think you'll enjoy what we've done with the place. Here's a little bit info on what we've been up to.
New tabs! Who doesn't love new stuff? Take browse through our new pages, see a bit more about the brands we stock, learn about Cutler & Co's story, get some great details from our size guides. It's all there and we hope you like it. 
Along with creating same new pages, you might notice things look a little different on the home page and there's even shiny new banners for each product search. Along with that, there's been plenty of quality of life changes, allowing you to better find what you're looking for, with brand searches in the top search bar and product fields that to take you straight to where you want to be. We felt the quality of our website needed to match the quality of our product and we'd like to think we've done that; but don't take my word for it, take a look yourself. 
We hope you like it.
Jackson and the Cutler team.